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Conversations about the most pressing issues affecting communities across America and the world (e.g., politics, education, immigration, foreign affairs, pop culture, etc.)
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Nov 17, 2018

The Let's Talk It's Time America Podcast returns after a long break and for this episode our topic is about the election, politicians, and our political process in America. My special guest who we are going to refer to as Mautak which means brainy in Tagalog (Filipino Language) holds a degree in Computer Information Systems and despite his expertise in technology communication, he also has a vast understanding about the principles of human communication.

During our conversation, Mautak shared his views about the need for the new breed of politicians who are more technology savvy and with a greater understanding about how technology is changing our country and the world. He aired is frustration for politicians who have been in office forever and believes that his generation will one day rise up and yanked the "Baton" out their hands and will take the lead in making meaningful changes in America, in drastic ways. He doesn't know when and how but it's coming!

This episode is a great conversation and I look forward to hearing from you. Join me and please support this amazing podcast!

Next episode we will talk about our veterans and also share what's happening the new movie about how people see the world and life in the post-9/11 era, Beyond The Shadow Of September. Please visit