Let's Talk It's Time America!

Conversations about the most pressing issues affecting communities across America and the world (e.g., politics, education, immigration, foreign affairs, pop culture, etc.)
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Let's Talk It's Time America!


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Dec 11, 2016

I have always been passionate in engaging people in hard conversation because I truly believe that genuine friendship and understanding can be achieved when we are committed to bringing people together and have the courage to engage in hard conversations about issues affecting members of different communities from all backgrounds and cultures. I am extremely excited to have Katie as my special guest for this episode because she is someone I admire very much because not only she understands where my passion is coming from but more importantly, she has a greater understanding of the world and the importance of exploring both the human and technology communication to connect with people from different generations, backgrounds, and cultures.

In this episode, Katie and I discussed politics, education, technology, canning, skydiving, and more!